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Find your answers to our frequently asked questions

Is it really possible to get to school faster without a car?

The short answer is ‘Yes!’… sometimes. Most families live within one or two kilometres of their school gate but, thanks to peak hour traffic, it can take the better part of an hour to actually get to school – and then you still have to find a parking space!

When you ride or walk to school you can cruise right past the traffic. Of course, riding a bike is faster than walking and electric-assisted ’e-bikes’ are even faster. (They’re great for hills, too).

And remember that throughout Australia, you can ride on the footpath when you’re accompanying children.

Is my child old enough to Bike and Stay?

Yes! We believe children can ride before they can walk! 

Bike and Stay is all about bringing active travel into your family’s life in a way that suits you. A gentle walk with a newborn safely wrapped against their career’s chest is a special way to bond, as well as get around. Older babies and toddlers can enjoy being tucked up in a pram, cruising on a bike seat or snuggling with a teddy or sibling in a bike trailer. There are also specially designed cargo bike baby seats to suit infants from three months of age. 

Is riding and walking to school safe?

The health benefits of active transport are undeniable, but it’s great for helping children learn road rules and how to navigate their neighbourhood safely, too. Children learn by doing, so when they regularly travel by foot, bike or scooter they’re getting a daily lesson in how to get around safely, with a trusted grown up right by their side. 

Remember that throughout Australia, children can ride on footpaths – and so can accompanying adults.

Are cargo bikes easy to use?

Again the short answer is… Yes! Cargo bikes are designed to be very safe and easy to handle. Depending on the style you choose and your riding experience you may find it helpful to take a test ride or two when you first buy your bike. Most cargo bike retailers will be only too happy to answer any questions and ensure you’re all set before your ride away! 

How do I get started as a Bike and Stay family?

The idea of a healthy, enjoyable school or childcare run is pretty enticing! But making the switch to active travel can feel a little daunting.  

This handy ‘How To’ guide has everything you need to get started as a Bike and Stay family. Hooray! 

Why does parent or career participation matter?

When parents model positive choices, we make them a natural choice for our little ones too 

When you accompany a child as they travel you give them a daily lesson in road safety and other important skills, as well as showing them that healthy choices matter 

Also ‘hello fitness’! Making regular gentle exercise a part of your life AND giving your kids a healthy start? It’s just a win-win, right?!  

What can I do about the lack of riding and walking infrastructure in my area?

Everyone should have the opportunity to Bike and Stay but some areas are better set up than others 

Speak to your local council about ways to make your neighbourhood a safe and accessible place for pedestrians and cyclists  

Reach out to your school or childcare centre about how they can support and encourage families to leave the car at home 

What if I need to be at work - or somewhere else - straight after drop off?

Many families live within a few kilometres of school, but work can be further afield. Depending on where you need to be and when options like continuing on foot or by bike or using public transport might work for you. At peak times cars are usually stuck in slow moving traffic so bikes really can be a faster choice. And a zippy, electric-assisted ‘e-bike’ can help get you there faster and with less effort. (They’re also great for longer routes, heavy loads or getting up big hills).

What if I have a lot of things – or people - to carry?

Bike and Stay is all about getting more active travel into your family’s life in a way that suits you. Walking, biking, scooting and skating are all great ways to get around. But if you have a lot to carry an electric-assist cargo bike may be your best bet. Many offer a carrying capacity of up to 100kg. And with electric pedal assistance to help power you along, cargo bikes are the best of both worlds: the benefits of an active lifestyle with the convenience of a car boot! There are loads of different seating options for carrying multiple children, too!

How fit do I need to be to become a Bike and Stay family?

Bike and Stay is all about using active transport in the way that best suits you. Some families will walk, ride or scoot the whole way to school and back every day while others might travel part way by car or only use active transport now and then. 

In some cases an e-bike is a great option: you’ll still get a workout but – thanks to the electric pedal assistance – you can take things a little easier. Think of a pedal-assisted bike as the equivalent of walking and a regular bike more like going for a run. 

What is Bike and Stay?

Bike and Stay is all about helping young families get active as they travel. We say ‘ride before you can walk’ because we know that the early years are the best time to start teaching kids good habits.  

By ditching the car and walking, riding or scooting, families experience a mountain of mental and physical health benefits. You can learn more here.

Why does Bike and Stay focus on the early years?

Raising tomorrow’s cyclists, scooters and movers really does start today: neurological research shows that the early years are a critical time for brain development 

Helping your little one understand road rules and navigate their neighbourhood from a young age means they’ll be super confident with those safety skills when they’re older 

When it comes to forming healthy habits, the sooner the better. So we say ‘ride before you can walk’ : tucked in a pram, strapped into a bike seat, nestled in the bucket of a cargo bike… any way you can!  

How can I connect with other Bike and Stay families?

If you’re keen to promote the joys of active travel, start a walking school bus, or hear tips from other active travel enthusiasts, step right this way